Which Snacks and Drinks Do I Bring to A Paint and Sip Class in Sydney?

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At times, the question is not whether to snack or not when it comes to a paint and sip Sydney event. It is often the question of what to snack on or which drink is the most suitable for the painting party. Generally, you are welcome to bring the drink or snack you feel is the most appropriate for your paint party when your creativity starts flowing. The studio may often not give you a rigid restriction to what you can bring to the studio to eat or drink.

After all, the event is majorly about having maximum fun and enjoyment. There are howbeit a few recommendations to combine and use during the session. Although, it largely depends on the size, arrangement, and nature of the studio and the materials that the studio provides. For instance, some studios may have ample space while others may be limited in the area. In some cases, you will have two paint palettes, brushes, and a water cup for rinsing your cups.

Other items include paper towels, the canvas as well as an easel that can hold it in place. And on the one hand, you can put a glass of drink somewhere and a small plate of snacks or a full course meal. Below are some of the most popular things people bring to the paint and sip party event in Sydney. 

  1. Crackers and cheese
  2. Chips or Pretzels
  3. Granola or brownies
  4. Veggies and hummus or dip
  5. Finger sandwiches
  6. Fruits such as banana, grapes, apple, and berries
  7. Candy
  8. Pizza 
  9. Cookies or brownies
  10. A takeout 

If the paint and sip party is a private one, you may ring in some more elaborate food items such as chicken wings, salads, and meatballs. You can even bring in a giant birthday cake to match a special occasion. It is also effortless to customize the whole event to yourself, especially in a private paint and sip party. 

Unforgettable food combinations during the paint and sip nights

We are already convinced that it is nearly impossible to have a memorable night of fun without serving the right food and drinks. The food items should be as easy to prepare and simple to combine, while the glasses must be delicious enough to complement the night experience. Below are some of the suggested combinations to help you prepare for a great night.

  • A variety of bread and crackers
  • A combination of nuts, olives, and some dried fruits
  • Have a charcuterie board that has between 4 to 8 meat varieties. The choice here may depend on how many guests you may likely have and their preferences or allergies.
  • Also, you can have a cheese board with four soft and hard cheese packs
  • The last choice is an olive tapenade

Drinks for Paint and Sip Parties in Sydney

When planning a paint and sip session in Sydney, you have your eyes on having as much fun as possible. And there are many guides out there that can help you set it up. But more importantly, there are restrictions here, some of which are cultural and sophisticated while others are less structured and can be bypassed. However, a perfect plan in a guide must incorporate drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and food.

As experience will prove, combining great cocktails with arts amid friends and loved ones is an incomparable feeling. At the top of the drink options in a typical paint and sip party in Sydney is the Van Gogh-inspired cocktail and the Van Gogh sunflowers-inspired cocktail. There are other unique and crafty cocktails to give you all the inspiration for the combinations you prefer. But not all these cocktails work for the arts, while the list below is for my favorites.

The Oriental Poppies and “Cheery Pomegranate Spritzer”

The first inspiration is from Georgia O’Keefe’s Oriental Poppies, representing a masterpiece of heart with a flower inspiration. Meanwhile, the painting itself illustrates two abstract elements of two giant poppy flowers. The flower differs in color, texture, and even shape. The main idea of the painter is that the bright red color of the flowers will cause those living a fast-paced life to pause for a while.

In addition, the accompanying drink is the Cherry Pomegranate Spritzer, which can be a little bit more complex than a typical one. The cocktail combines mashed cherries and pomegranate juice that can complement the prosecco of oranges and pansies. Trust me. This drink gives a highly delectable taste and an imaginative experience. Such is that of the beautiful colored red flowers and a taste of oranges that O’Keefe’s painting is actually about.

Woman with a Hat or Hat’s Off Cocktail

‘Woman with a Hat’ is a painting of Henri Matisse in 1905, an illustration of the painter’s wife in an elaborate outfit. It also represents some classic attributes of the French bourgeoise. At the same time, the painting drifts way off his regular work because it had a lot of colors and loose brushwork. Meanwhile, the painter is responsible for the fauvism movement, which is a style that harped expressionism in non-naturalistic color use.

The right cocktail to combine with this painting is the ‘Hat’s Off’ choice that is beautiful in both sophistication and color. How do you prepare it? Bring champagne with raspberry liqueur and a simple berry syrup to create a unique taste from the cocktail. If you like to make some extra garnish, you may add some color berries. Depending on your creativity in making cocktails, you may add some unique flavors to perfect the taste. 

The Frida Mezcahlo mezcal

I don’t think of the name for now. Let us just stick to the taste and the flavor of the drink that brings us much delight in a paint and sip session. The right glass is a derivative of the classic margarita that combines the self-portrait of the iconic Mexican Frida Kahlo with a monkey to produce the mezcal. 

Finally, the choice of your cocktail recipes, you can pick two cocktail recipes to give you an excellent paint and sip night.